Top 10 Benefits of Choosing a Family Dentist

Nov 18 • 2 minute read

With your single years behind you, you now have a growing responsibility to your spouse and kids. Maybe, it's time for you to consider looking for a family dentist.

Family dental practices have existed for centuries. Simply put, a family dentist is a dental practitioner who treats patients across all age groups. As a top family dental office in Anaheim, CA., we want to take this opportunity to point out 10 benefits of a family dentist.

1. Convenience 

Convenience is a big benefit. It would enable you to schedule all of your preventative care appointments at the same time with one phone call. It also affords you the opportunity to limit the amount of paperwork you need to manage with the dentist and your insurance carrier.

2. Flexible Scheduling 

With work, school, and after school activities, finding the best time for a family appointment is challenging. To address such problems, family dentists are far more likely to offer flexible scheduling, often putting weekends in the mix when necessary. Our office is open one Saturday a month between 9am - 1pm.


3. Access to a Wider Range of Dental Services 

Dental procedures differ a great deal across the entire age spectrum. If a family dentist is going to be effective, they need to offer a wide range of dental services in order to meet the needs of mom, dad, and the kids. The services should range from baby teeth care for toddlers to treating gum disease in adults.


4. Continuity of Care

Continuity of care refers to having one dentist who has a clear understanding of the dental history and needs of every family member. With this continuity, it's far easier for a dentist to give fast, efficient, and effective dental services to your entire family.


5. Eliminating Child Anxiety

Every step a child takes has the potential of creating anxiety within the child. They are far more likely to trust and feel comfortable getting dental care for tooth decay from a dentist who is also treating their parents and siblings for similar problems.


6. The Building of Relationships 

After a few years of family care, you will begin to realize there's a relationship that could be developing between you and your family dentist. Often times, the relationship will transcend dental topics and start to include personal involvement.


7. Consistent Services 

With one dentist in the fold, all of your family members will know exactly what services are available and how those services and procedures will be delivered.


8. Focus on Preventative Care

With the whole family's tooth health on the line, family dentists tend to put a lot more focus on preventative care. The dentist also gets peace of mind from knowing that what the kids are being taught is what the dentist taught the parents.


9. Emergency Dental Services

Since kids are prone to accidents that result in broken teeth, family dentists are able to provide emergency dental services to family members of all ages.


10. Anticipating Dental Needs

There is a genetic component to how teeth develop. If a certain family member incurs dental issues that might be hereditary, a family dentist can take precautionary measures with other family members.

If you are looking for an Anaheim dentist who can handle all of your family's dental needs, you can reach out by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Steven Go.

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