5 Reasons Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Important

Dec 23 • 3 minute read

From a very young age, your parents and teachers probably taught you about the importance of regular dental checkups. To maintain healthy teeth and a good smile, you had to rely on your parents to get you to the dentist on a regular basis. Ever since becoming an adult, it's been up to you to remember why going to the dentist is so important. 

If people handle their dental care needs as responsible adults, semi-annual trips to a dentist for teeth cleaning might be all they need. Sometimes, people have issues with gum disease or tooth decay. Those kinds of issues have less impact if treatment is handled promptly, which is exactly what happens with regular dentist appointments. 

What you can't afford to do is avoid making appointments because of work conflicts or inadequate dental insurance. You have to make a concerted effort to take care of your teeth so your teeth can take care of you. So choose a dentist that you trust and commit to going in for your regular checkups.

Below, the discussion is going to address the question, "why should I go to the dentist?"

The Importance of Regular Dental Care

For consideration as the best dentist in Anaheim, we feel we have an obligation to educate our patients about dental hygiene and care. As part of that process, we like to emphasize the top reasons to go to the dentist. Following, you will find what we believe are the top five reasons for you to make regular dental appointments.

1. Prevention of Gum Problems

Dentists provide two levels of service. They are either focusing on helping to prevent dental problems or fixing them. One of the things dentists like to focus on is monitoring each patient's gum health. Healthy gums are a vital part of helping people maintain healthy teeth and a pretty smile.

Since gum issues are progressive, dentists like to see patients on a regular basis to help with the monitoring process. The sooner they can treat small gum issues, the more likely it is they can help prevent serious gum issues.

2. Prevention of Plaque, Tartar, and Cavities

The buildup of plaque and tartar is what damages teeth. Regular trips to the dentist for cleaning translate to the frequent removal of plaque and tartar. The frequent removal of that sticky film and dental calculus translates to the prevention of cavities and decay.

3. Detection of Hidden Health Issues

Most dentists will look beyond the mouth for potential health issues. They will also take a look at the head, neck, and lymph node areas in search of potential issues that might lie under the surface. Should they come upon anything that looks out of the ordinary, they will usually react by recommending a medical checkup.

4. Identifying Bad Habits That Damage Teeth

Dentists are proficient at identifying bad habits that are causing damage to a patient's teeth. Some of these bad habits include teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and coffee drinking. The sooner a dentist identifies bad habits, the sooner they can recommend ways patients can address said destructive habits and stop damaging their teeth. 

5. Detection of Oral Cancer

Given the seriousness of oral cancer, dentists are trained to detect potential cancer issues before they can become serious health issues. If for no other reason, cancer detection is the top reason to visit the dentist every six months.

If you are looking for a good Anaheim dentist for a routine dental appointment, we are ready to respond to your dental needs. Request an appointment with us now or call us at (714)779-7700.

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