Root Canals in Anaheim Hills, CA

At OC Dental Arts - Steven Go, DDS, we perform the root canal treatment to repair and save a tooth that has been badly decayed or infected. During a root canal procedure, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. The process removes any decay and prevents further infection that could damage the tooth and surrounding tissue. After the procedure, patients may experience some sensitivity for a few days until their treated tooth fully heals. However, they should continue to brush and floss regularly, as recommended by our team, to maintain good oral health.

What Causes the Need for a Root Canal?

There are many reasons why root canals are sometimes necessary. Most commonly, a tooth becomes infected due to extensive decay or trauma to the tooth. An infection can occur when bacteria are abundant in a person’s mouth. Root canal therapy removes the condition from the tooth and repairs the damage. The treatment can save a patient’s tooth from needing to be extracted.

Another reason that root canals may be required is that teeth that have become brittle due to a cracked filling may need to be removed. A root canal may be recommended in this case as well. Infections can also occur when a tooth's crack worsens over time. Once the nerve tissue inside the tooth is exposed due to the damage, bacteria can enter the pulp and cause an infection.

The Advantages of a Root Canal Treatment

A root canal can save your natural tooth by removing the infected nerve and pulp from the tooth's canal. This treatment prevents future infections, which can spread to other teeth and become a more complicated problem. Without treatment, the condition can cause bone loss in the jaw and eventually result in tooth loss. Fortunately, with a root canal, you can save your tooth and keep your smile intact.

In addition to saving the tooth, a root canal can relieve the pain of an infected tooth. An infection can worsen the discomfort over time as the area becomes inflamed. Removing the damaged or infected nerve and pulp can help ease the pain you’re experiencing and make your mouth feel healthy again. 

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